Last year Finngrim Studios had the pleasure to work with Blackboard Studios on two in-app adverts for Playtika games, one featuring Hercules, the other Odysseus.

We were brought in to provide high quality animation for the project, using rigs and models provided by Blackboard Studios, working with their directors to create the best animation to suit the time, the budget and the intended audience.

Blackboard Studios then did an excellent job rendering and comping the piece. You can check them out below!

Final Renders


Progression Reels

With around five weeks per project to go from layout to final animation deliverable, it was important to keep to a strict series of deadlines. We were in constant communication with the client, gathering feedback on almost a daily basis.

We split the milestones as such; by the end of the first week, we needed the layout approved. By the end of the second, blocked animation was completed for all shots. The third week was focused on fixes and making a start on spline animation, which needed to be locked down by the fourth week. That allowed us the fifth week to polish and make any final adjustments.

Odysseus was a little trickier. A number of complex transitions meant that camera movements and character animations needed to transfer seamlessly from one shot to another, sometimes with major scale changes!

This was a very interesting problem to overcome, but the final renders prove how it turned out!

These were great, fast-paced projects that definitely needed a hit-the-ground-running mentality, and Finngrim Studios looks forward to working with Blackboard Studios in the future!